The technology and methods used to provide image-based automatic inspection and analysis for almost all applications.

With the emergence of camera systems and intelligent viewers, a robot can detect objects and perform a certain action on that basis. The current robots are getting smarter and smarter. Where a robot was previously entirely dependent on software or a script for a certain action, a robot is now increasingly able to control itself with machine vision. The different vision techniques are therefore becoming more and more extensive. We only work with techniques that have been proven over the years. As a specialist in robot automation and robot programming, Affix Engineering has all the knowledge to enable the robot to function perfectly with the input of various vision techniques, possibly in combination with custom software.

Aurora Vision | Balluf Cognex | Halcon | Matrix Vision | Quiss | Sick | Wenglor

The technique for recognizing and picking up loose randomly positioned objects in a bin or pallet. This is possible when the robot is equipped with a 3D vision camera and associated well-programmed smart software.

Affix has experience with different systems and knows which system is suitable for your application. We lower the risk, ensure rapid integration and test every product you would like to test for free. 

It+Robotics | MechMind | Photoneo | Pickit 3D | Sick

A system in which products from a bulk can be automatically fed individually to a machine, production line or robot. The system is flexible, can be used for multiple products and is easy to link to an existing process. This way you can remain flexible as a company and the system can also be used again and again with new products.

Asyril Eyefeeder | Flexfactory | FlexiBowl

Following a conveyor belt and, while the track continues to move, perform actions with one or more robots without it being necessary to stop the transport.

Automatic destacking of products with smart and user-friendly software. This allows production processes to be further automated

Affix Engineering has developed 3D building blocks with which 3D vision technology can be used robustly and affordably.

2D Machine Vision can be used for a large number of applications. This technique is very flexible and can be used widely for inspections, quality checks and position determination.

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