A robot is a programmable machine that can perform various tasks. By correctly programming, a robot can perform optimal with the best result.

Because Affix Engineering has mastered robot programming, we know exactly what needs to be done and we understand why a problem occurs. It is our job to properly program and configure the robots in as little time as possible so that they can be commissioned easily.

Because we have worked over the years with different major brands and standards, we are easy to programm on different projects and we can almost always get started right away. If you want to have a new robot put into operation, modify an existing program or mount a new tool, we can make it right.

We have extensive experience with a wide range of robot applications. IG / MAG / CMT / Laser / spot welding, handling, pelletizing, cleaning, gluing, measuring, inspecting, stamping, clinching, hemming, screws, etc. Through our contacts with the robot manufacturers and suppliers we can offer independent customer specific solutions and we write the necessary software ourselves to make new processes function reliable and without errors.

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