Below an impression of some of our recent projects.


Highly active in the automotive sector since 2010 where, apart from the commissioning of large production lines with hundreds of robots, much has been contributed to the development and improvement of software for the new high-tech tools and techniques that will work together with a robot and make the car of tomorrow possible . 

Collaborative (Human & Robot)

In recent years, more and more collaborative robots have been programmed that can work without fencing and with people where necessary. Due to the experience we have, it is possible to program these robots very quickly and efficiently and we can even program for complex applications outside the standard functions. 

Assembly & handling

Pick and Place - Robotized Warehouse
Loading and unloading the machine
Palletize / Depalletize
Assembling parts 

Wood & metalworking

In production processes, we have programmed many robots to perform various process. By looking closely at the process, we are able to create a robot that really cooperates in the process and can be used optimally. In this way we have been able to carry out production locally again with constant quality. 

Flex feeders

A system in which products from a bulk can be automatically fed individually to a machine, production line or robot. The system is flexible, can be used for multiple products and is easy to link to an existing process. 

Vision inspection

2D Machine Vision can be used for a large number of applications. This technique is very flexible and can be used widely. i.a. for inspections, quality checks and positioning. 

Random Bin Picking

The technique for recognizing and picking up loose randomly positioned objects in a bin or pallet. This is possible when the robot is equipped with a 3D vision camera and associated well-programmed smart software. 


In the run-up to a project, we often make a simulation of the robots and the process. This allows us to clearly indicate what the customer can expect, we test the feasibility of agreements made and it is easy to test different scenarios with robots. 

3D Technology

Affix Engineering has developed 3D building blocks with which 3D vision technology can be used robustly and affordably. 

Conveyor tracking

Following a conveyor belt and, while the track continues to move, perform actions with one or more robots without it being necessary to stop the transport. 

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