Affix Engineering is a specialist in programming industrial robots and has a goal to make the use of robots easier and more accessible.

With years of experience and deep knowledge in the field of robotics and machine vision, Affix Engineering is able give everyone axes to robot automation. Affix Engineering is brand independent, so we can be flexible and support and advise you from the first steps of a project as part of your team.

An employee of Affix Engineering can be recognized in addition to his strong communication skills to his passion and enthusiasm for Industrial Automation.   

Your partner and specialist in programming robots!

As a specialist in robot automation and robot programming, Affix Engineering has worked on many prestigious projects since 2010. We have managed, overseen and coordinated small and large robot projects. We have provided many solutions, programmed the robots and written software for all kinds of existing and new technologies.

You can also come to us for solving issues, make modifications to existing robot systems or just a few extra hands. Thanks to our extencive experience we can work with most of the robot brands, we can come up with the best solution and impress with our technical level.

Our specialists have worked for various integrators, machine builders, partners and end customers and are used to working with other people's software. In addition to our extencive experience in robot automation, Affix Engineering has accumulated knowledge on Machine Vision and we have a wide partner network.  

With Affix Engineering you get the expertise you need to your company or project and we will be a real asset to the team. We work together with all different disciplines to achieve a good result.

Usually we work together with system integrators or machine builders in the Netherlands and Belgium who do not have enough experience and/or need some extra hands in the field of robot programming and integration. In some cases, this integrator is a technical end customer that only need assistance on programming/software engineering or we connect the end customer with a suitable integrator.

In addition, we offer for all possible customers support in the commissioning of Vision equipment. 

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