Affix Engineering is specialized in programming industrial robots and intend to make the application of robots easier.

With a large team of programmers, working on various large and small projects for different customers in all conceivable branches, including Automotive, Food, Technology, Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Metal, ... these specialists can be deployed flexibly. By working together as one team, with each other and with our partners, Affix is a real addition from the first steps of a project.

In addition to his strong communication skills, an Affix Engineering employee can be recognized by his passion and enthusiasm for Industrial Automation.

Your partner and specialist for the commissioning and programming of robots!

As a specialist in the field of robot automation and machine vision, Affix Engineering has worked on many leading projects since 2010. We oversaw, managed and coordinated small and large projects. We have devised many solutions, commissioned them and wrote software for all kinds of existing and new techniques.

You can also contact us for malfunctions, adjustments to existing robot systems or just a few extra hands. Thanks to our broad expertise, we master most brands, we can come up with the best solution and we stand out technically.

Our specialists have worked for various integrators, machine builders, partners and end customers and are used to working with other people's software.

In addition to our broad expertise in automation, Affix Engineering is a reliable partner for the future. We are the Affix for every company that wants to work more or more easily with robots or Machine Vision.

With Affix Engineering you bring the expertise to your company or project and we are a real asset to the team. We advise and collaborate with all different disciplines to achieve a good result.

We usually work together with system integrators or machine builders in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany who lack knowledge and/or hands in the field of robot programming and integration. In some cases, this integrator is a technical end customer or we put the end customer in touch with a suitable integrator. 

Any company can order a robot or vision system. Ultimately, in most cases, the intention is that the robot or vision system will do exactly what it is supposed to do. User-friendly and often in a real production environment.

Affix Engineering is brand independent and focuses mainly on software and functionality. As a technology partner, we provide innovative solutions and unburden companies through a project-based approach and a great deal of practical experience.

We have a wide partner network, ensure that a project is not dependent on one programmer and are flexible in use. Affix Engineering thinks along. From the We can advise and support the first steps in a project as an addition to and part of your team.

Thanks to our clear specialization and experience, we are able to make the application of robots easier, are we up-to-date on the latest techniques and is cooperation with other specializations obvious. 

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