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Machine Vision

The technology and methods used to provide image-based automatic inspection and identification for almost all applications. Read more.

Process optimalization

Over the years we have built up a fortune of knowledge on a range of techniques, processes and installations. Reed more.

Robot programming

A robot is a programmable machine that can perform various tasks. By proper programming, a robot can perform optimal with the best result. Reed more.

Project management

With Affix Engineering you get on technical projects the knowledge that ensures projects are organized, prepared, planned, executed and completed. Reed more.

PLC programming

Our programmers will make the installation do what it should do in a safe and reliable way for people and machines. Reed more.


Give your employees the knowledge they need to work safely and efficiently. Reed more.

Offline programming

The software that we make or receive can often be debugged and tested in a virtual environment without the real installation fully completed. Reed more.


Documentation is usually the description of an installation, product or process. This can be a manual for a device, but can also contain instructions for a production process within a factory. Reed more.


If it does not exist does not mean that it is not possible. Reed more.


A collaborative team is a slightly different version of a traditional team because its members have differing skill sets. With their diverse set of specialized skills, they can problem-solve even better. Reed more.

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